Beneath this bowl of stars...

toddler activites, food, photos, and other orbital occurrences

Food: Sushi -- we went out for sushi one night this week and Amber had her first real sushi! (it was slightly seared tuna belly). Dave cute it up and reformed the rice to make her little toddler bites. She LOVED it! We were of course drinking cold sake and she had some crazy juice that was cloudy white just like the pearl sake. Sadly I didnt bring the camera.
Game: color matching -- (this is really more of a recent obsession than a game) for some reason everything has to match... if we are using a blue bowl for yogurt, she must must have the blue spoon... green cup, green bowl. Matching item dirty? be prepared to clean. She also likes to point out when random things match like her socks to my shirt, or the stroller to her pants.
Activity: Making turkeys -- We have been making all sorts of turkeys for thanksgiving. Most of them involved hands. She really likes tracing her hand and mind. She asks if we can make more turkeys from time to time.
Song: Great Big Stars (again) -- she sings it all the time.
Place: Gymboree -- we have only been going once a week, but she asks about it and gets so excited when its time to go
Clothing: my underwear -- for some reason she really likes to put it on over whatever she is wearing :-)


That last photo is a classic. In years to come, she'll hate you for taking it (esp. when you show it to her new boyfriend). Later on, she'll appreciate the humor in it. Good going, L!