Beneath this bowl of stars...

toddler activites, food, photos, and other orbital occurrences

Article of clothing: pumpkin hat -- I do not have a recent picture, but for some reason this week Amber has taken quite a liking to her pumpkin hat.... so much that she sometimes will not take it off! Last weekend we were out and about and she was all of the sudden very upset going on and on about the pumpkin hat... "where's pumpkin hat", "amber lost pumpkin hat" it was so sad, her voice was the saddest I think I have ever heard it. Luckily our new stroller has the underbasket positioned in such a way that it catches things like pumpkin hats that get dropped :-)
Food: Sandwiches -- Amber has really started to enjoy sandwiches this week. I think it started a couple weeks ago when I got a quesedilia for lunch and she took it from me calling it a sandwich. Then all of the buns that we eat are a little like sandwiches. So I have started putting her eggs in a mini pita and also including tomato and cheese. She is now requesting sandwiches and hopefully I can start adding other yummy good for her ingredients.

Song: Ring Around the Rosey -- I taught Amber how to play Ring around the rosey this week. She loves it! And she truly understood what was required of her for "we all fall down" on the first time :-)

Activity: cleaning the house -- Amber likes to take the broom and dustpan and run around cleaning. Usually right before bed, or in the morning when its time to get dressed... never when she actually should clean up a mess that she made.

Way to annoy her parents: not sleeping -- We have been having all sorts of sleeping issues this week. Everything from not going to bed for hours, to waking up in the night wide awake to play, to waking up for several hours in the middle of the night just screaming for no reason. We tried Cry-it-out on Tuesday night, exactly one year after we did it the first time for the crib. It was both harder and easier this time. Eventually she did stop crying and fall asleep, but not exactly in her bed...
Word: Remember -- for some reason (i think because I have recently asked her if she remembers her birthday party last year and what santa brought for her), Amber is constantly asking us if we remember things. "Remember our car, car seat, remember mommy?" "remember crabs" "remember gymboree music class"... most of the things she asks us about happened in the last day or two so its kinda funny b/c of course we remember :-)