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After the night of Cry-it-out when Amber fell asleep on the doll bed, Daddy refused to let it happen again. So I decided it was his turn to deal with getting her to sleep. The new routine is bath, jammies, brush teeth, mommy turns off the lights and rocks and sings for a while, then tucks into Amber bed and gets Daddy. Daddy comes in and lays in bed and tells her a story and convinces her its time to go to sleep. So far it has worked very well the last 4 nights, varying between 5 min and 25min. (much better than my recent 2hrs). Tonight, he convinced her to roll over and close her eyes if he left the door open when he left. She agreed and as he was walking out after she was all snuggled in and facing the wall, she called out for the first time unprompted "I love you daddy". He instantly melted.


Awwww! That's fantastic. Bedtime rituals are an important and awesome part of my day.