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I like to post about one or two specific things and just have many posts in one day if needed... however I am way behind, so in order to just get everything posted here is a big one.

Saturday we headed out early to a big furniture mall to check out some beds that were hopefully a little softer than the floor. Through my research I learned that there are at least 4 of these big malls. Same idea as a Jordan's furniture in boston or Mathess Brothers in Tulsa, but this was a 7 story beautiful mall. Each floor had a style, and sometimes a specific thing (we only went to the first floor). The mattress shops were all long the back wall. The mall was very luxurious and segmented off so that each brand/designer had what seemed like their own little shop or department, but you pay at one central location (in the end, each one is its own company/shop but the mall take a % of the sale and gives the rest to the brand). Dave is a great bargainer and we got about 40% off.
Amber on the bed (this is not the one we bought):
Next we went out for a big lunch and a long walk in the old town.
Amber was drawing at lunch and proclaimed that she had drawn a tree (when i draw trees I often draw pine trees):
I wanted to go to old town b/c that's where the umbrella market I saw back in June is located. We were a little unsure which direction to walk at one point and i remembered that I have a compass on my key chain. We checked it out and strangely enough it showed North as the one direction that I didn't think it could be.... so off we walked. Sure enough we found out later, my compass (which was free and is made in china) is useless and points South rather than North. We missed the umbrella market b/c we walked too much and needed to get home, but we did find a dentist (enlarge this picture and then look behind the big sign through the door and you will see the dentist chair):
Sunday we went off to visit Dave's relatives and pick up our stock of diapers. We had a great feast for lunch, played some Majhong and then went to the 1 monthday party for a baby of a Chinese billionaire who is business partners with Dave's uncle. The dinner was at least 20 courses including lobster sushi that was still moving, duck tongue, bird's nest fish of the sea, abalone sauce mushroom and goose foot, sea sunflower seeds, jellyfish, and $140 a bottle Chinese wine. They had brought cases and cases of this wine. In china its a tradition when you toast to do bottoms up, so yes, they were basically chugging this $140 wine! Dave was in pure amazement and was forced by the father of the baby to drink at least a bottle.This is the Lobster Sushi dish. We had it both at lunch and dinner. At dinner the lobster was still moving. The sushi comes from the tail, you can see it in the font on the ice.Today our bed arrived, and I am about to finally have a night of slumber. Here you can see Amber showing off her new drama face: