Beneath this bowl of stars...

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In recent years people have started having dogs (mostly little dogs) as pets. When we are out walking around we see a few and Amber always gets very excited.... but never as many as in NYC.... and rarely do we see them in parks. The older chinese (usually men) go to the park for a while during the day and rather than bringing their dog out for some excersise and socialization, they bring their bird. They all have these beautiful bamboo cages and the birds are hung in trees. The birds are then able to see other birds, sing, enjoy nature and feel like they are a free bird... well maybe not quite, but I guess if you are going to keep a bird in a cage this is a nice thing to do. Other people come and sit near all of the birds just to listen to the singing. When we first arrived I thought that the parks just had birds in cages. Dave explained to me, after laughing at me when I asked who took care of them, that the are pets.