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Today was day 3 of Amber's Ayi. (Ayi is nanny/maid in mandarin). We currently have 2 Ayis, one who comes to clean and the other comes to play with Amber and teach her mandarin. I was originally intending to stay home most of the time with them, but it didnt go very well the first day... Amber just wanted me to hold her or cling to my leg. So day 2 I went downstairs to the gym. Today I went out and about exploring. I decided to take the subway. This was the first time I have been on the Shanghai subway (Dave has never been) and I have to say I was very impressed. First off, all of the cards (tickets), even the single use, are proximity cards. No swiping needed, just hold the card over the giant circle as you walk through! I was planning on taking a picture of the card but I had to give it back as I exited. The next great part is that they have a glass wall all along the platform, so no risk of falling in and the sound, and air gets muffled (no big gusts as the train approaches). There are doors in the glass and the trains stop in perfect alignment. On the platform there are lines painted so that you know where to stand. Compared to other subways i have ridden this was great, b/c it meant you knew how many people were trying to get on each car ahead of time.
Once on board, they have a nice signaling system of lights and sounds to let you know the doors are about to close. Upon exiting, you are greeted with a map of the streets above listing all of the exists. Each exit has a number allowing you to easily locate it on the map. So smart!