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Daddy had to work all day, so we decided to go to the JW Marriott for their Thanksgiving buffet. Amber has several thanksgiving day outfits, (notice that the red dress was worn on last year's thanksgiving):

I had called ahead to make a reservation but for some reason they could not find it when we arrived (and we were an hour late), so we got to sit at a special table that was actually outside the main restaurant in the lobby. It felt like our own private dinner party. The buffet was amazing. Not only did they have all the usual thanksgiving offerings but they had just about every sort of food you can imagine (even guac and quesedillias) as well as every condiment for that food in a cute little dish, bowl, jar or some type of container. They had a mashed potato bar with 4 kinds of potato (regular, sweet, taro and something else) and a dozen different toppings including truffles. They had sushi and indian and pizza and everything really. Dave ate and ate and ate. It was perfect for him since he is not a big thanksgiving food fan. The only complaints i have was the the stuffing was really horrible and the pumpkin pie was more like an apple pie then custardy goodness.
Amber loved the tiny cup of jello (no its not a jello shot):Here are some shots of the lights below: