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I think I now know the answer to this question... parents like me. It all started in the middle of the summer when we were on vacation in Europe. We went to dinner when Amber was sleeping in the stroller. When she woke up there was a full suit of Armour staring at her (from behind Dave). She was scared of it at first but then became curious... That night she would not go to sleep. It was near midnight and Dave and I were already in bed and she was bouncing off the walls, we didnt know what to do, so we told her the Armour man was going to come get her if she didnt get in bed... 2 seconds later she was in bed under the covers and didnt move another muscle. A second time on this vacation we introduced her to a monster at dinner. This time it was a giant wild boar that was over the fireplace in the restaurant. It was scary looking and we told her it was a monster. She was scared but interested in seeing it again and again. Over the last few months from time to time we have used monsters to get her to sleep. For some reason this week she has remembered the monsters. There are lots of noises in this apartment, mostly the elevator and people emptying the trash in the service hall. Amber says "what's that" when she hears something. Sometimes I say "monsters"... she gets scared. Many times lately she will not settle down and fall asleep (right now I have to lie with her until she is asleep), so sometimes I knock on the wall and I say "whats that" and she asks "monsters?" and i tell her that the monsters will come out if she does not go to sleep. Sometimes she asks if the monsters go to work during the day (i told her they also dont come out when the sun is awake). I said yes, they do go to work... she then asked if they took a taxi like daddy. I said no, they walk. She then turns over and goes to sleep. I am evil.