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We went Christmas tree shopping on Saturday. Around here its either a very plastic fake tree (think bright colors, silver or white) or a live tree in a pot, or an insane amount of money for a dried up tree imported from Denmark. We opted to go with the tree in the pot. To purchase one, we needed to go to a flower market. There are several around, but only one that was less than a 30 min cab ride. The selection and size was not as grand as I have heard of the others, but we did find a tree, lights and a few decorations. This flower market, the Cao Jin Du market was 3 floors. The bottom floor was plants and fresh cut flowers, the second floor was plastic, silk and dried flowers and plants, as well as things like decorations, ribbon, paper to wrap flowers/plants and the top floor was odd things like wedding arches and baskets and other items that reminded me of a movie set. There was also a bird, fish, turtle and chicken market out back, we wandered there by accident and almost stepped on a loose chicken.
After we went to the Christmas Fair at Paulaner Beer Garden