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Getting older, still single and too busy to find a mate?
Got plenty of dates, but your parents think you can do better?

Here in China parents are often the ones who find potential mates for their children. This is not as you might guess by an arranged marriage to a close family friend. No, No, not at all that easy. In China the parents work very hard. They have to be good at sales, marketing, social skills and selling fake handbags (the latter only to obtain the skill of coming up to random strangers and convincing them they should just take a look, at least half a dozen people came up to us, i guess they thought we had an older child (amber was in the stroller)). Every Sunday (or some frequency) parents gather in People's Square in Shanghai and other parks around the country to attend/participate in what I like to call a real life craigslist. They create a one page advertisement with information about their child including birthdate, height, weight, hobbies, interests, schools, salary, housing, etc, etc. They then paperclip, clothespin, tape or staple this ad to a bush, tree, wall, or other surface in the park. They wait with most anticipation for someone to come and take a peak at their ad, at which point they seek out the details of that parent's child. If they both like what they read/hear they exchange information and arrange a time or their children to meet. You can follow the whole process in the photos below, concluding with an aerial view. (you really should enlarge a couple of the photos and take a good look for the ads, they are everywhere, not just on that clothesline looking thing. Even on people's bags, coats, etc I would guess there were well over a 1000 ads, I just didnt take enough photos)