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There is a restaurant, Ding Tai Feng in the mall complex across the street from us that was at one time voted the number one restaurant by NYT. They claim to have (and I totally agree) the best Xiao Long Bao (little basket buns or soup dumplings) in the city. Here is an article about xiaolongbao. If you have never had one, it is a little bun shaped dumpling that is filled with pork or crab and made in a way that there is this delicious juice all around the meatball. So you pick one up, dip it in gingered vinegar put it in a spoon, make a small hole dump the juice in the spoon, slurp up the juice and then eat the dumpling (you can just eat the whole thing but they are super hot inside, so it is best to eat a few this way until the rest cool a bit). The juice is created with fat and gelatin, however at this place they just use gelatin and thus the juice is cleaner, not as fatty and better tasting. (its cheaper and easier to use the fat rather than gelatin so that is why everyone else does it that way). This restaurant also makes each dumpling look like a work of art...

We also ordered some buns.... just like the ones Amber and I had the other day. These were much better, at least the dough part. From today (top picture) were about $2.5 each, from the other day (bottom picture) about 25cents each.
We took lots of pictures of Amber for some reason at this lunch, so here are a couple, she was in perfect cute form

For anyone who cares, this lunch actually took place the weekend before thanksgiving, I am just slow in posting.