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Amber turned 2 today!
She woke up to find a new kitchen (new b/c we have one back in Wellfleet, so this is actually her second kitchen). Comparing this kitchen to the other is like wal-mart sheets to egyptian cotton. The sad thing is that this one is an exact replica (well not even a replica, it is the same thing) as the little green and wood one sold at many stores in the US for between $99-$130, it is made in the same place and everything that is usually green is red (i actually like the red better). We paid $40 and could have gotten it for much less, we just didnt have time to bargain. This one had 6 screws and is put together like a puzzle. The old kitchen had about 500 screws and weighed about 500 lbs! Amber could care less about the quality.... she just loves to cook! (check out the crown I made for Amber.. about midnight last night I realized that Amber's crown from last year was back in the US, and she just had to have a crown/tiara of some sort to wear on her birthday... so out came the felt. I remember seeing a similar crown on one of the blogs i read. A good friend of mine turned me onto the Birthday Tiara a few years ago. The idea that all day on your birthday you get to wear a tiara or crown b/c its your special day. I have participated ever since! Amber wanted absolutely nothing to do with this crown all morning, she even said "take it away". Right before the party, she fell down and hurt her lip, I told her the crown was a magic crown that would take the pain away... she wore it all day, even when we took her out for french fries for dinner)

It was a cold and yucky day out, so we stayed inside. Amber played with her NaiNai and Yeye and I got ready for the party. As i hung up the birthday banner and balloons Amber pointed with excitement. I asked her about a week ago what she wanted for her birthday and she said "A party!". We don't really know anyone with kids her age yet, so I sent an email to the shanghaimamas email list I am on and basically invited everyone. 15 kids were supposed to come, but only 7 made it (it was the perfect size).

The party had a pony theme (chosen by Amber back in Wellfleet when looking through a catalog of bday supplies, i though ahead enough to order before we left). I made a pony cake, had a great pony to color that i got from this site, we had pony sticker scenes to assemble, a pony coral with balls and inflatable ponies for little ones to play in, a stick pony for pretend rides, carrot and dip, apples and peanut butter, oatmeal cookies and of course a pony cake!
Here are a couple pictures of Amber enjoying her presents:


Happy Birthday, Amber! Looks like you had a fun day.

Ellie still remembers our play date at the park, and sometimes as we drive by she tells me all about lunch and the games we played. When I told her Amber lives in China now, she said, "I don't believe it!" Hope we get a chance to play again after your Adventures in China are over!