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but if your foot is so big they don't even sell boots in your size, you will get laughed out of the store!

I have been wanting to buy a pair of tall black boots since i didnt bring mine and because they are everywhere from 399rmb to 1888rmb. I have been looking around a little from time to time when i pass a shop, but I could not really try any one since 1) I did not know what my size would be in asian sizes, 2) I could not tell them my size even if i knew it 3) I didnt understand the sale signs, so i really didnt know the price. Several things fell into place over the last few days so I was ready to get my boots. Dave explained to me (need to post a picutre here and then tell details, b/c telling without the picture will ruin it) how the sales work over the weekend. Then in my mandarin class yesterday I learned how to say big numbers, and finally I converted my size. I went to the big department store down the street which is having a huge sale right now. I started looking at boots and asking for my size. I got laughed at by not one, not two but at least 7 different sales girls (in stores here there is not just one shoe department, each brand has its own department and workers)!!

So not only cannot not buy shoes or boots here, but I get laughed at for having big feet!