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Recently I have been buying interesting looking snacks in the supermarket just to see what they are. Here are a few:These sausages are not at all weird, they are actually imported, but what is weird or crazy is the price, they cost nearly $20! ($115rmb)
These cheerios might look normal at first glance, but if you look closely you will first see that in addition to the chinese characters on the box, they are made by Nestle. I opened the box and popped a couple in my mouth expecting them to taste just like the ones I had last summer, but was I wrong! They tasted like rice crackers that were dipped in sweet syrup. Same colors as the ones in the US, but taste nothing like them. I guess that is why this box was 24rmb and the imported ones are 88rmb.
This next item, also from Nestle, is supposed to be cream for your coffee... sweetened condensed milk in a tube with strawberry flavoring. They also suggest using it for fruit salad, its a little strange... i still pay 45rmb for my coffeemate liquid creamer.
This sushi came individually wrapped! They had a whole selection and you picked the ones you wanted and then packaged them up and put in the condiments.The cookies on the left were little animal cookies but they were sesame, so just like those sesame sticks in snack mixes. The ones on the right were little cocoa bears, nothing like chocolate teddy grams though.
On the left are chocolate dipped corn curls. For some reason corn crunchy things are really popular and come in many flavors including strawberry and shrimp. My favorite is actually the caramel that is part of the actual corn crisp and not just a dip. On the right are some little cookies with a smiling guy on them. They had a weirdly addictive flavor, almost like coconut.
The cookies on the left were my favorite as far as the package goes.... it looks like french fries drinking wine! They were actually little animal crackers shaped like little sticks or fingers, not bad. On the right are Snoopy chips... kinda like pringles, but not as good. They came in about 6 flavors, I got "Latin FLavor" but it didnt really taste latin at all, just weird.