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Amber and I made Valentine's cookies today. I am not posting a picture b/c the cookies that come out of betty crocker bag of mix and powder sugar and milk icing are just not that attractive regardless if made by a 2yr old or adult. We also didn't have anything to decorate on top of the icing and we only had a snowman and a tiny flower cookie cutter.... i ended up using a cup to make some circles (or as Amber calls them, circle moons). Amber had a great time cutting and liked to cut on top of the ones she just cut, and then would pick up left over dough and put it on the cookie sheet. When it was time to ice, the lack of a good nap started to kick in... she became a cookie monster... literally, she could not stop eating the cookies. I kept saying no, and explaining that we had to ice them first and we needed to wait for daddy, but she just kept putting them in her mouth (lots of them were not much bigger than a quarter from the flower cutter), then twice I was icing one and she leaned over and took a bite! then she would see the look on my face (i was totally over exaggerating too to make it worse) and she gave me a look that basically said she could not control her self. It was sad and hilarious at the same time. Eventually I had to move the cookies and then spent the next 10 min trying to get her to stop crying for cookies... poor little one, from now on, things like making cookies will only occur before lunch.