Beneath this bowl of stars...

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The last several nights, Amber has been waking up not too long after going to bed.... she has also been begging me not to close her door all the way. Up until now, she would wake up around midnight if we had not come to get her and bring her to bed with us (which usually happens between 12-2, we stay up late). When she wakes, she would just lie in bed crying and either we would come to her, or in about 2 min she would fall back asleep. Well, now that she knew the door was open, she was coming out and looking for me. Also, we could not have her crying at all in bed b/c Dave's parents are here and it wakes them up. So last night as I was putting her to bed, I explained to her that she could not get up and come look for me and she could not wake up and cry, that she must wait for daddy to come get her... and that daddy always comes, and she knows that, so she must wait for him. Around 1:30, we had not heard a peep from her, so when we were ready for bed, Dave went to get her, as he carried her she pat him on the back and hugged him and about a min he put her down on the bed, she blurts out (we thought she passed right back out the second he put her down) "I waited for daddy!" It was really really cute.