Beneath this bowl of stars...

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This week my friend Jen and her son Nathan who is a couple months older than Amber are visiting us at the cape. Tonight is the first night Amber has slept in the same bed for more than 5 nights in a month. Most of the nights and sometimes lunches in this month have been out at restaurants. Amber has been in heaven having Nathan here to play with her all day, BUT after not playing with kids much at all for 7 months, it is a bit overwhelming. Also, not having cottage cheese on a regular basis for 7 months was far too much for her.... Since we have been back at the cape (5 days now) Amber has eaten 3 containers of cottage cheese and could have easily polished off 3 or 4 more. Tonight at dinner Amber not only refused to eat what we were having, but she asked for cottage cheese at least 100 times. After bath I was doing the dishes and she asked again, I told her she needed to stop asking and she was welcome to have some of our dinner if she was hungry. She sat down at her little table and I handed her her plate. I turned around to do dishes and i hear a crash... she tossed the breakable dish onto the floor. Straight to her room she went, while I cleaned up the mess. After vacuuming to screams, I got her out and she wanted milk. She sat down at her table while I was getting the milk and said "I want a menu please". While cracking up with laughter I asked her why she wanted a menu and she said "I want to order cottage cheese".

Poor kid. She thinks you can just order whatever you want and you can have it... she sure has a lot of hard lessons to learn.

Later as we were brushing teeth, I was telling her about our pre-school interview/meeting tomorrow. In the meeting she will be taken into the "big playroom" with all the other kids and teachers and I have to stay with the admissions director. She used to be ok with this (been talking about it for a while), but today she is not... says that she wants to stay with me. So I cleverly told her that the principal lady i have to stay with in her office, is mean, so she would have a much better time going into the playroom. (similar to how i tell her that a chocolate bar is really spicy so she would not like it). As I am tucking her in she asks "where's the mean lady office?"

Poor mom, I sure am going to be in for it tomorrow when we meet the director and Amber asks "Are you the mean lady?"