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Amber's response.... "I want more" ... To bad we have a light crop this year and this is the only one for a few more days.

With the sad news of MJ I decided we needed to watch some YouTube so I first went for thriller, not having watched it in like 20 years, I forgot that it was scary..... Six min. Into it I had to stop, Amber didn't like it,.,,,, same with Beat It , so much violence. We are the world, on the other hand, pure family entertainment. If WATW was being recorded today, I wonder who the lead voices would be?

This post is a test of my iPhone blogger tool.

Today was a very rainy Monday, made worse by the fact that we have had non-stop rain (aside from like 3hrs on Saturday) for as long as anyone can remember. By late afternoon I somehow mustered up enough motivation to paint the wall that has been waiting to be painted for 2 years.

I started by letting Amber have her turn at painting...

It actually ended up not being very messy at all, but it sure had the potential to be!

This morning while we were eating breakfast, Amber exclaims: "Look Mommy, there's a Chicken Monkey eating the birdseed!!" It took me a second, but then I realized that a Chicken Monkey is a chipmunk :-)

Recently bedtime has been a breeze.... as long as I follow the routine, carefully laid out by Amber. Around two weeks have passed since our last crying episode which resulted in a new step in the routine. Today I was just thinking how nice it was to just be able to get her to bed without all the stress and tears (starting the whole process each night is another story). Tonight as I am walking up the stairs after closing her door, I hear the dreaded wails from her room. I waited for a few min, but decided to go talk to her rather than risking that she get out of bed to come to me. I stood at the door and told her that we are not playing games and it was time for bed. She then said "Mommy, you have push the green button and text message Aaron!" I said, "What?" "you have to text message Erin". "Who's Aaron?" "You have to say I love you". "Uh, Ok, to Erin?" "Yes" ... "Is Aaron your imaginary friend?" "uh-huh". After I agreed, she let me leave and went to bed. ... tomorrow night, I had better not forget to promise to text Erin on my way out of the room!

so not only is Amber an actual world traveler, but her play is beginning to globe trot.

Multiple times today Amber mentioned something about having to go away to Beijing tomorrow.... often for (insert number) of weeks. One time, I decided to ask some questions, and this is how it went:

Amber: "I have to go away really quick... to Beijing tomorrow"
Me: Oh really... how are you going to get there?
Amber: On the plane.
Me: Wow, that's a really long flight, what are you going to do all by yourself for so long?
Amber: Play with toys.
Me: And how are you going to get to the airport tomorrow?
Amber: um, in the car.
Me: How are you going to get there in the car?
Amber: I'm going to drive....
Me: And how are you going to drive? The peddles are so far from your feet?
Amber: with the key! (as she holds up the old front door key on the key ring that she happens to be playing with)
Me: And once the plane lands, how will you get to Beijing?
Amber: I'm going to walk, with my feet.
Me: And then what?
Amber: And then i have to go to Munich.
Me: And what's in Munich?
Amber: My house!
Me: really? I didn't know you had a house in Munich, how long will you stay there?
Amber: 30 weeks
Me: that's a very long time, do you know anyone in Munich
Amber: Well NaiNai YehYeh are in Beijing and then I have to go back to Beijing.
Me: oh yeah why?
Amber: I have to go to NaiNai and YehYeh's apartment.
Me: How long will you be in Beijing?
Amber: 3 minutes!
Me: Oh that's not long, do you have to just pick something up from the apartment?
Amber: Yeah, I have to get the mail.

after that i just could not stop laughing any more :-)

another awesome word from today was "Ponycorn" meaning unicorn