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Luckily I saw it coming and I was able to move up about 10 ft.  Luckily I drive a very heavy, safe car, and luckily I still have my 5yr old in a 5pt harness.  Maybe we would have all still been ok with a booster seat in a Prius, but I don't really want to find out.

I am sitting here with this:

around my neck.  It was given to me by a good friend when I was pregnant with Amber.  It is probably one of the best gifts I have ever received.  I think I am going to start buying them for people.   Far too many times I find myself so thankful that I have it to help relax my aching muscles.

Amber says her neck hurts, but I think it might be because I asked her earlier if it did or not.  I put her on the couch with the wrap around her neck while I cooked dinner.  I won't mention it in the morning and we will see if she's ok or not.  The babies seem fine, thank goodness.

A friend joked on facebook that I should get free shipping for life!  Wouldn't that be nice :-)  I guess one good thing is that I get new carseats, I was just about to order bigger seats for the babies.

Every year about this time I wonder if there is some unspoken rule in New England that says you must leave your wreath on your door or windows until the Pats are done for the season.  Then Valentine's day passes and I realize I am wrong, that the rule must be that its good luck to leave them up until the first sign of spring.    Last year I was able to accept it since we had so much snow.... but this year, no excuses!!! We have had so many nice weekend days for taking down lights (I am ok with leaving lights up until spring as long as you stop turing them on) and wreaths on windows.... but I really cannot understand the people who can't exert enough energy to remove the wreath from the front door.  Come on, is it really that hard?  I thought it must just be lazy people, but tonight I drove through town after dark (yes I was out and about after bedtime!  Dave was home with the kids and we were out of milk and bananas so i had to go to the store) and sure enough all the town's lights are not only still up, but on.  IT'S JANUARY 25th... time to let go until next year.

Sweets table
Amber's 5th birthday was last month.  At first she wanted to have a ballet themed party, but as we approached her birthday she was in love with the Nutcracker and decided that she wanted to have a "Sugar Plum Fairy Ballerina Nutcracker Party".  I limited her to only inviting 7 friends (we had 24 last year and it was insane).  I kinda went a little bit over the top with everything, but she loved it and I sure loved doing it all.  Most of the ideas I found online.  If you stumble across this and want more info let me know and I am sure I can dig up the links.  I should probably post them all at the bottom at some point anyway.
Tree decorated with pink with tutus beneath
Pink Pink everywhere!
Wreath with a #5
Streamers that lined the driveway and walk
The Cake!
Marshmellow pops and Sugar Plums
Plastic goblets
table decor
Silver Nutcracker
Peppermint Fudge (so yummy and so easy)
Peppermint Fudge and Peppermint Sweet and Saltys (peppermint chocolate covered pretzels)
The birthday girl waiting for her guests
The girls selecting treats
Happy girls

 I have always fallen into the camp of believing that leggings, jeggings, tights, etc are NOT pants.  This was until I received some jeggings for Christmas from my mother in law.  At first I laughed.... But then something made me try them on.  OMG! The most comfortable pants I have ever put on!  They are by no means skin tight, so not really jeggings but more like skinny leg pajama jeans.  So the other day I went to the mall with the babies to buy them pajamas with zippers because I HATE snaps!  Snaps in clothes for babies around a year should be outlawed... No kid can hold still long enough to get all the snaps lined up and fastened. Times that by two babies and you have one nutty mama.   We were in the children's place and I saw this whole rack of baby jeggings... Knowing that my little guys have tiny waists and remembering that Amber has always worn leggings as her pants since he waist too is too small for the length of her legs, I decided to take a closer look.   They were all incorrectly sized and on clearance for $2.99!!! So what that they are for girls.  I grabbed 2 that looked like they would fit.  Perfect fit!  Not tight, not too big, perfect.   I need to go back and get more!