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 I have always fallen into the camp of believing that leggings, jeggings, tights, etc are NOT pants.  This was until I received some jeggings for Christmas from my mother in law.  At first I laughed.... But then something made me try them on.  OMG! The most comfortable pants I have ever put on!  They are by no means skin tight, so not really jeggings but more like skinny leg pajama jeans.  So the other day I went to the mall with the babies to buy them pajamas with zippers because I HATE snaps!  Snaps in clothes for babies around a year should be outlawed... No kid can hold still long enough to get all the snaps lined up and fastened. Times that by two babies and you have one nutty mama.   We were in the children's place and I saw this whole rack of baby jeggings... Knowing that my little guys have tiny waists and remembering that Amber has always worn leggings as her pants since he waist too is too small for the length of her legs, I decided to take a closer look.   They were all incorrectly sized and on clearance for $2.99!!! So what that they are for girls.  I grabbed 2 that looked like they would fit.  Perfect fit!  Not tight, not too big, perfect.   I need to go back and get more!


I lOVE my jeggings. If jeggings + boots ever goes out of style, I might have to stop leaving the house.

These jeggings are super adorable!! and obviously very cozy for them!

I also ADORE your crib bumper!! Did you make that yourself? The owl print is just so dang cute!

Love how you have them in the same crib. Do they do well falling asleep like that? Mine would poke each others eyes out i'm sure of it! Very sweet that they can fall asleep together like this

I did make the crib bumper, its the Alexander Henry Spotted Owl fabric. They love sleeping together.. they are always snuggled up when they sleep... but falling asleep is getting more challenging. They are like little puppies always climbing all over each other and pushing each other out of the way.