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Every year about this time I wonder if there is some unspoken rule in New England that says you must leave your wreath on your door or windows until the Pats are done for the season.  Then Valentine's day passes and I realize I am wrong, that the rule must be that its good luck to leave them up until the first sign of spring.    Last year I was able to accept it since we had so much snow.... but this year, no excuses!!! We have had so many nice weekend days for taking down lights (I am ok with leaving lights up until spring as long as you stop turing them on) and wreaths on windows.... but I really cannot understand the people who can't exert enough energy to remove the wreath from the front door.  Come on, is it really that hard?  I thought it must just be lazy people, but tonight I drove through town after dark (yes I was out and about after bedtime!  Dave was home with the kids and we were out of milk and bananas so i had to go to the store) and sure enough all the town's lights are not only still up, but on.  IT'S JANUARY 25th... time to let go until next year.


um...... our lights are still up. everything else is down, but we haven't had time to get the lights down. I should at least unplug them, because I agree with you.