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Over the last year I have said many times that raising twinfants hones your chess skills. You have to think several steps ahead often to just get by during the day, but definitely if you want to be successful in getting things done and getting out and about. Today I already lost my game of chess.... and its only 12:24pm.

As I previously mentioned we were hit by a fedex truck the other day. Yesterday I made all the phone calls (while stuffing the babies with all sorts of food to keep them quiet). I arranged for the insurance inspection to be at 9am, and then at 10am to drop off the car at our dealer to have the airbags checked and reset. Late last night I remembered that today also at 9am Amber had the next to last day of her school's ice skating program, and I had promised to skate with her once this year. Dave was actually able to stay home with the babies today so that I could go. (next week is the boy's birthday so that complicates things even more for going that day). I didnt have the phone number of the location where I was to take the car at 9, so I just didnt show up. I called the dealer and was able to reschedule to 11am. I went skating, Amber smiled and I only fell down once! (another parent called out to me that I was the first and only parent to fall down this year, thanks buddy, hope you fall on your ass next week). I got home and much to my amazement the babies were ASLEEP! The second time I have left them with daddy and he gets them to go to sleep?!? Even Andrew who has stopped taking a morning nap the last 2 weeks??


But this gave me time to call the insurance company and reschedule the inspection. Unfortunately they are not open again until next Tuesday.

We made it to the car dealer at 11:04! (i even remembered to take out the stroller and leave it in the garage, but forgot to remove Amber's seat). I was at the desk getting the loaner car when I remembered that I lost my license and only have the expired one. Of course this would not work, even though they had a photo copy of my valid one on file. After thinking for a moment that I would have to pack everyone back up in the car and do this again next week, I remembered that we are not in the 80s anymore. So, thanks to Steve Jobs and Al Gore, I was able to order a replacement and forward the confirmation email to the car lady all from my iphone.

Checkmate avoided.

20 min later I get all 3 seats loaded into the loaner car and I decide to reward myself with some junk food from the McDonalds next door.

As I pull in the driveway of our house, I realize that once again I am in check. I typically enter my house via the built in garage door button in my car. We have one of those funky car keys so we dont keep other keys on that ring, thus no door key. Hmm. Other times I have opened Dave's car which is rarely locked and used his opener.... his car is at work with him. I actually remembered to close the front door before leaving the house today so that option is also out. But, for some reason Dave went on the back deck today and forgot to lock the back door!!!! Saved again.

So I guess the game is still on, but it has not been a elegant display of moves thus far today.