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The boys turned 1 three weeks ago. We had a cake smash (pics to come) on their big day, along with family presents, noodles for dinner (chinese tradition) and 1 candle to blow out. We sang to each of them individually. Then we had their party the following Saturday. Lots of our friends were able to come and celebrate with us. The boys did not nap the whole afternoon (the party was 1-7pm) but still managed to have a great time. Here are some pictures, the party had an owl theme of course! Thanks to, another mom of twins, for lots of ideas :-)


OH MY GOODNESS!! I was just thinking about your blog, and decided to hop on over.. and LOOK what I see!! HOW ADORABLE! Happy birthday twinnies!!

Such a super cute owl party! I LOVE your owls and great color combinations!

Your owl smash cakes came out really great too! super sweet how you have them coordinating (also helps with getting icing colors right?)

Was it an emotional day for you? I couldn't believe that they had already turned 1. The fastest year of my life.

Happy Happy Birthday! So glad you had a HOOT!