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We are fortunate to have a house with a lot of space for baby play areas. The down side to this is that there lots of stairs. I should probably count one day how many times I go up and down. With two 20+lb babies, I really cannot carry them both anymore. Sometimes I carry them both up, when its early in the day and my arms are not yet giving out, but I never carry 2 down. The babies are crawling everywhere so I can't just leave one while carrying the other. Typically if on the first floor, I put one in the jumperoo, carry the other to his room on the second floor and close the gate (he now begins to scream). I then go back down, grab the first one and head all the way up to the 3rd floor to the playroom, and put him in the "petting zoo" (baby corral). Then I go back and grab the first guy who is on the second floor and then take him up to the 3rd. Phew. Now I need a cup of coffee! I do this because that way it minimizes the time that each is alone in his new environment, with my efforts. (only one floor twice and two floors once). I always feel like I am manning the raft in the old logic problem of how to get the wolf, goat and cabbage across the river.

I just ran Alex all the way up to the 3rd floor while Amber was with Andrew on the 1st. I left my phone with him so he could study it while I went all the way back down for Andrew. When I returned he and Siri were having a conversation. Evidently he shook the phone in a way that woke her up... she must have asked him something alone the lines of "Hello Lindsay, what can I help you with" to which he must have answered "dada mama da?" getting her to reply with "I'm sorry Lindsay I do not understand dada mama da, can you try repeating that?"

This is going to be fun in another couple months. Maybe I should start a website, "Things Siri responded to my toddler"


Have you tried a baby carrier so you only have to make the trip once? something like a moby wrap that would be qucik, yet safe for you to go down stairs with both babies?

On the bright side, you are getting one great workout!!!