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A long time ago I used to write a post every Friday called Friday Favorites and list all of Amber's favorite things, new words, etc for that week. I have been meaning to start that again for the last month but have failed, so I am going to do one for the month of February (works nicely since it starts with 'F') and then hopefully next week I can get back on track. (this post is not done.. but i am posting it anyway). Amber

I still need to add Amber's

Food - Blueberries and yogurt. If he seems Amber eating yogurt, he screams like he's dying and sets off the dingdong box (our doorbell goes off if you yell too loud) until he gets some. Amber now must eat her yogurt in hiding.
Game - peek a boo, escaping to the stairs when I am in the kitchen, climbing up the stairs with Amber and Andrew
Activity - DJing at daddy's radio... he learned how to turn it on, and crawls in the dinning room (daddy's office) and turns on the radio and dances, and then opens the cd player seeming to try to change the music, also walking (side stepping) up and down the hallway along the railing, dancing (bouncing) anytime he hears a good beat or I try to create a beat (if i sing it does not work)
Firsts - waving - he really started waving to daddy in the last week or 2. He sees daddy from across the room and screams DA DA DA DA DA and waves in a funny little way.... only to daddy. Alex has started feeding people on a regular basis in the last couple weeks. Daddy and yehyeh got him to do it first, and now he will try with Amber and I as well, he really seems to enjoy it.
Teeth - Alex got his top left 2nd tooth around the 20th, it was a full day of drool!
Illness - unfortunately Alex had a fever for 3 days followed by a rash that looked like Roseola a few days before their birthday. Drew never seemed to get it. The fever was low, so we are not sure if it was Roseola or not. Then about 5 days after their 1yr doc appointment Drew got the fever and Alex the spots of Hand, Foot and Mouth. His poor little hands and feet were covered in blisters, and little bumps all over his legs that are still healing. Luckily it seemed mild in their mouths.
Person - Dada - I said it before, Alex loves daddy right now. He sometimes screams when he sees him and can't stand it until he picks him up.
Toy - Alex loves buttons. They got a firestation toy for their bday that has buttons that he just cannot get enough of pushing. He also has learned in the last week to put things in and take things out. He is really loving putting things in boxes or places... even puffs back in a bowl.
Food - Blueberries and strawberries. The first half of the month it was blueberries but now he can eat an entire box of strawberries by himself in one sitting.
Toy - vacuum and rolling things. He is completely obsessed with the vacuum. Both the tall unit and the attachments by themselves. He will follow you around while vacuuming, and crawl full speed ahead if he hears it in the other room. Any time he sees the vacuum he makes a b-line for it. He will take an attachment and push it all around the house, even back and forth just like he is vacuuming. He loves pushing and rolling things while he is crawling, cars trucks, even things that do not have wheels like hockey pucks and bowls.... but cars and trucks are his favorites.
Person - Amber is fairly sure that he has learned to say Amber. I think it sounds more like Apple, but we don't eat many apples (just apple sauce) so i can't imagine he knows that word. He has also started noticing Amber and daddy in photos aroudn the house, it makes him smile and he says their names i think. Activity - Andrew loves to laugh. Just to laugh or as part of a game. In the last 2 days Andrew has started putting things in a box and then giving me a high five after. Today he's been able to give me 5 (or at least touch my hand) any time i ask.
Game - racing up the stairs when he knows that he should not be on the stairs and I am coming for him. It's amazing how fast he can go! He also likes crawling ahead and getting someone to chase him, he turns around and laughs when he knows someone is behind him. He too loves crawling up the stairs with Alex and Amber, and dancing to a beat with a huge smile on his face.
Challenge - diaper changes! he rolls instantly! I have upgraded all the pajamas to those with zippers and still it can take me 10 min just to get him changed. The only thing that might work sometimes is if i give him a remote control with buttons that light up on it.... this will only work if it has been a few hours since he last played with the remote!